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Best us domestic steroid source

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Topic starter Posted : 09/07/2021 8:10 am
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From sciorxx domestic source I ordered trenadex, dbol, testodex propionate and pentadex 300. I have been on pentadex 300, 30mg of dbol ED for 12 days. I cannot believe how strong the is dbol. 12 days in I am feeling good from the test prop building up and I have gained 8 pounds from the dbol. Just amazing.

The oils are smooth and there is little injection pain. My strength has definitely gone up and i am just getting started. Everytime I emailed domestic-steroids and I had an immediate response. Everything was packaged very securely. I will absolutely order again and I will refer everyone I know. in the real deal. Try the dbol you will love it!

Posted : 13/08/2021 7:20 am
Bryan K
New Member

Many times ordered from this site, very easy to buy. All package delivered very fast and discreet. Customer support is 5 stars. Ordered Beligas Pharma products, because this is my favorite steroid brand, even now I am waiting my last package from them. This source is real and trusted. Recomended

Posted : 13/08/2021 1:02 pm
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@bryan-k  bro, did you tried clenbuterol from beligas?

Posted : 17/08/2021 2:18 pm
Bryan K
New Member

@tobby yes, of course, but the price is a little more expensive. Beligas is very good brand, don't worry Bro

Posted : 18/08/2021 6:18 am
New Member

@tobby i use many time clen by beligas, excellent results, don't be afraid

Posted : 30/08/2021 6:50 am
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I want to do my first cycle, build muscle and strength. I'm afraid to do it the first time, in this way i want to use only tabs, it's possible? Can someone advise me and explain details how to use?

Posted : 17/09/2021 6:27 am