How often to take hcg on trt?

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How often to take hcg on trt?

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This is a question from my gym buddy who is starting TRT.

Last week we were discussing HCG and he said his doc mentioned HCG during TRT and here I got confused.

Why HCG during TRT? HCG is used to prevent testicles shrinkage, to stimulate sperm production and stimulate HPTA how can it help if a person is on TRT which means his testosterone comes from outside and no matter how much HCG you take your body wont produce testosterone.
Can it help with sperm productions in case the person on TRT wants to have kids?
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Re: How often to take hcg on trt?

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Some doc will prescribe HCG while others not.

HCG helps to mantain fertility, testicular size and cognitive functions.

Consult your doc on this.
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