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PandaRoids Reviews

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Welcome to steroids source talk PandaRoids!

Everyone who used PandaRoids please post here your review.

Thank you beforehand!
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Re: PandaRoids Reviews

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after trying to find out which brand is better nacon or ultima I decided to go with axio labs

I wanted to share my review of the product to the best of my abilities. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with depression and have been taking SSRI's. However, I've been experiencing more symptoms of low testosterone lately. My blood tests confirmed this, with my free testosterone at a mere 4 :((( Currently, I'm awaiting a hospital referral, so I thought I'd give self-medication a try. I started with 125mg of Test E (testaplex) per week until I can begin TRT.

Now, after 4 weeks, I can honestly say I've never felt better. The goal was simply to feel normal, not to gain muscle, but I have noticed a bit more muscle tone, which is a bonus. On top of that, my libido is back in full swing, and I'm no longer taking antidepressants, so I don't feel like a zombie anymore.

I didn't experience any pain during or after the injection, which my amazing wife administered in my rear. I can't stress enough how much I recommend this product. Huge thanks to PANDAROIDS for pointing me towards the right direction!
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Re: PandaRoids Reviews

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This is a review for stanoxyl and Test Prop 100
I ran stanoxyl 50mg every day for 5 weeks towards the end of cycle. I quickly gained strength on my big lifts. Bench press went up 20 lbs in no time.

The prop 100 was pip free. Ran it 75mg ed. I would wake up with strong erections. I recommend this Lab and source!
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Re: PandaRoids Reviews

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Super fast delivery and awesome service everytime. High quality Kalpa Testosterone and oxandroxyl. Thanks, you guys come through everytime and delivery just gets faster and faster.
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